Data Sales

Well Data

Petrophysical data for selected wells in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea:


  • LAS files for 542 wells

- Logs are spliced but not de-spiked i.e raw

- Calculated Ø, Vsh, Sw etc where available


  • Digital CPI plots including petrophysical interpretation for 166 wells


  • Reservoir summaries for 195 wells

Spreadsheet to show available logs are available on request.

Example of CPI plot

Example of Reservoir Summary

Jurassic Reservoir Quality Database

Lucrum Energy has developed a Jurassic Reservoir Quality Database within Petrel. Information on reservoir quality is easily viewed in a pie chart map form.

  • Petrel geological spreadsheet
  • Formation thickness, N/G, Ø, Reservoir presence and quality flag, hydrocarbon indicator
  • North Sea 450 wells that penetrate the Jurassic
  • Norwegian Sea 220 wells that penetrate Jurassic

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